Monday, August 3, 2015


You must have seen The porcelain print, it is a very simply but beautiful design. Znu got lots of clothings for very affordable prices. I styled my outfit in  a simple way, with my lace up heels from boohoo, sunglasses from giant vintage and calliope hat. 
Get my White printing vintage porcelain print from Znu and get 35% off summer promotion for orders over 46$ and use code ZNUTX for 20% off.
Hope you had a great weekend? 


Lets talk about an online store i discovered recently, with nice and beautiful engagement rings. They also offer the  black diamond engagement ring. Do you wanna get very nice quality rings ? then  keep reading,
       Jeulia is an online store with quality products with affordable prices. I saw lots of beautiful rings, and am gonna show you my favorites. Lets start with the engagement rings, for the guys planning to go the extra mile for there love ones. Engagement rings are symbols of the love, devotion couple shares. You can get it as a christmas, new year, wedding anniversary or birthday gift.
Customization is available which takes just a week to be ready, the shipping is very fast and you can pay with the safest method which is paypal. Jeulia  rings are made with  quality materials which make them outstanding in the market.The size chart is easy to understand. Before getting any ring please carefully use the size chart.
Packaging: Rings are package in a luxurious gift box and handbag

Saturday, August 1, 2015


Happy new month beautiful people.Dress shirts are perfect for summer. I felt so free wearing my Bleach Wash Pocket Denim Shirt, because wearing skinny jeans can get really uncomfortable especially during the summer period. 
Basically, dress shirts are elongated version of a button down that looks like a shirt but worn as a dress. The design is simple but catchy, it plays along with any fashion accessory. They are available in different sizes, colors and styles. Zaful offers free shipping worldwide, you can get it for less than 30$. I styled my dress shirt with my Braska boots, Freyrs sunnies, Mogani wrist watch,Victoria Beckham handbag and Bow tie from Rock My BowTie
Talking about my bowtie, i got lots of them in my closet, i love wearing bowties. The design on this bow tie makes it very easy to style, an office or casual look would be perfect. 
What do you love about this look? 

Friday, July 31, 2015


You all have been amazing, sharing and following each post.
Just before we get fully into the weekend, i just want to give you some tips and reason why you need to care for your nails. 
Am guilty but i guess i changed already after meeting this lovely lady who did my manicure and the gel polish for me. It really looks good,
1) it helps your natural nails grow, 
2) lasts longer 
3) enhances your outfit
4) dry's instantly and
5) easier to create more fabulous designs.
Not to forget, she used sticker on the ring finger, but i do not know the products she used generally.
For those in kharkov, I will tag the lady on instagram, so you can access her page (nastyroma).
Have a wonderful weekend.
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Hello lovelies!.,hope y'all having a nice day. This makeup right here is probably one of the simplest makeup I've ever had to do and yet very classy. At first I was at a loss on what look to create, but my model guided me. She wanted a very casual look, a look she could wear all day. No artificial lashes, very little contouring and highlights and mild colours. I decided to use two different shades of green, the lighter one in the inner corner of the eye, and the darker green which I used to smoke out just very slightly.I used a jet black liner to make the eyes pop. Then I finished the look with a light shade of matte pink. And yeah, she wore this simple look all day,and just couldn't stop taking selfies.,lol! Hope y'all loved this simple day look, just about anyone can wear this look, I encourage y'all to try it. Here are the makeup details below:
Eyepencil; davis No;018
Eyebrow definer/ filler; zaron
Eye Primer; Tara
Eyeshadow; Tara
 Eyeliner; black (lomel)
Mascara; Eveline
Foundation; Maybelline
Powder; Tara Pallete
Contour Kit; Sleek (Medium)
Lipliner: Jordana 
Lipstick; Mac 
If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to drop a comment. 
With love from your makeup artist, Chioma.  

Thursday, July 30, 2015


Oh my gosh, it was so sunny and hot, i just had to grab a chilled drink after this shoot (35C). If you noticed i have a loud makeup on, which made most eyes stare as i walked down the street.
    The denim overall is on trend and you can see lots of styles from different people out there. Just yesterday my girl friend told me about how a street worker styled his overall, how cool he looked and all that. It is very easy to style, nothing really different from other styling i have seen. The most popular which is wearing it with a shirt or crop top looks really good.
Paired my Bleach wash pocket Denim overalls from with a yellow denim jacket and strappy platform. Zaful offers you with the latest and most fashionable clothing's with very nice quality. My denim is hard and fits me so perfectly, brought out my slim figure in a sexy way. They also offer free shipping worldwide, so all you need do is shop and get your items shipped without any extra fees. Get different latest styles from zaful with big discounts. Save up to 50% off the presale, get up to  60%  on the Essential back to school styles and 50% off swim wears which already started on July 11 ending July 31.
Wondering about my Black strappy buckle platform heels Faux leather Shoes? you can get it from Amiclubwear (still in stock). More about my shoes please click
Enjoy your shopping, let me know what you think about my outfit, its hot but i still want to here your opinions.
Outfit details: Denim Overall: Zaful, Yellow denim jacket: Cropp town, Sunglasses: Giant vintage, Shoes: Amiclubwear, Makeup By chioma more about beauty.(here)
                                        Have a lovely week start.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Makeup, as they say is an art; an art of beauty ofcourse. As a makeup artist,  what first comes in mind is the colour selection which can be very tricky. There are a wide variety of colour shades, and combining the different colours is quite tasking, although there are colour wheel templates that can guide one. Personally, bright colours 'scare' me a lot, I always shy away from them, yellow, red, orange, you name them! So most times, I just go for the ' not so very bright colours', you know them, lol!. I am happy to say that this time was different, thanks to my friend and model, she actually picked the colours and encouraged me to use them although, I hesitated a lot to be sincere. But the camera did the magic, I saw the beauty in it through the lens of camera, even when my eyes failed me!.lol! I really appreciate the colours I used now, yellow and red which was slightly smoked out. I didn't stop there, I still went all red on the lips, I really do love and appreciate this makeup, and hope y'all do too. And not forgetting, I also created the hair style, I just split the hair into four equal parts and made buns, I'm sure this takes you down the memory lane as a baby when your mum was your only hair stylist, lol!
Eyepencil; davis No;018
Eyebrow definer/ filler; zaron
Eye Primer; Tara
Eyeshadow; tare
 Gel Eyeliner; black (lome)
Foundation; Mary Kay Timewise, Bronze 4
Powder; Tara Pallete
Contour Kit; Sleek (Medium)
Lipliner: Avon pink bouquet 
Lipstick; Mac 
Loose powder ; Ben N.Y.E
If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to drop a comment. 
With love from your makeup artist, Chioma.